AWStats - see stats without logging into cPanel

Normally, to see your web hosting statistics (AWStats), you must first log into your cPanel control panel.

Sometimes customers want to show their stats to other people, without giving them access to the cPanel.

This can be accomplished with a small script that we have available HERE. This is a ZIP file. Inside there is a single file called index.php. You must unzip the file and then EDIT the file to specify your cPanel username and password and your domain.. then upload the file to the server.

The top of the file looks like this:

$user = 'blahcom';//your cpanel username
$pass = 'abcd1234';//your cpanel password
$domain = '';//your domain name do not include 'http://' or 'www.'

With a basic text editor, put in YOUR info in place of the example data.

Next, FTP into your web hosting account on our server, and go into the public_html directory, then create a new directory called 'stats' or whatever you want to call it. This will be the URL of your stats, like

Next, upload the script, index.php into the new stats directory you created, using an FTP client.

One last option is to password-protect the stats directory, so only certain people can view it. This is done by going into your cPanel, click on Web Protect, and setting up a username and password for the stats directory to protect it. Instructions are here.

Any questions, please let us know!
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