Enable or Disable Auto Renewal for my Domain Name

When your domain name has Auto Renew enabled, you will automatically receive a domain name renewal invoice 30 days before the domain expires.  If you have a credit card on file, the invoice will be automatically paid. Otherwise, you will still need to arrange for payment after receiving the invoice.

If you have registered your domain name with QTH.com, you can easily enable or disable the Auto Renewal feature, as follows:
  1. Go to https://hosting.qth.com and click "Account" then Login (if you are not logged in already)

  2. Click "Domain Services" on the TOP menu, then click "My Domain Names"

  3. This screen will show you all of your domains, and it will show the Auto Renew Status for each domain. To change the Auto Renew setting for a single domain, click the "Wrench" icon to the right of the domain you wish to change:Manage Domain by clicking the Wrench Icon
  4. On the LEFT menu, click "Auto Renew"
    Auto Renew

  5. Select "Disable Auto Renew" or "Enable Auto Renew"
NOTE: If you wish to change MULTIPLE domains at once, notice on Step 3, above, that there are checkboxes to the left of each domain.  You can check the box for multiple domains, then at the bottom of the screen click "With Selected" and choose "Auto Renew Status", then you can select "Disable Auto Renew" or "Enable Auto Renew" and it will be applied to ALL of the domains you have selected.

If you have any questions regarding the setting of the Auto Renew feature, please contact QTH.com Support.

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