How to Auto-Pay with a PayPal Subscription

If you are using PayPal to pay your invoices, you can set up Automatic Payments with PayPal. PayPal calls these "Subscriptions". If a PayPal Subscription is available to you, the "PayPal Subscribe" button will appear as an option during the Invoice Payment process.

PayPal Subscription

The "PayPal Subscribe" button will only appear on your invoice if the following conditions are met:

  1. You must change the Payment Method to "PayPal" -- see the drop-down menu option in the above screen shot.
  2. The Invoice Due Date must be in the future. You cannot start a PayPal Subscription on an Overdue Invoice.
  3. The Invoice must contain at least 1 recurring product, such as Web Hosting service.  A domain name registration, by itself, does not qualify for the PayPal Subscription feature.
  4. All products and services on the Invoice must be on the same billing cycle. For example, if the web hosting service is paid Monthly, but the domain registration is paid Annually, it is not possible to use the PayPal Subscription service for that invoice.
So, how do you enable a PayPal Subscription for your services? Simply go to pay your invoice, choose "PayPal" as your Payment Method, and as long as it meets the criteria above, click the "PayPal Subscribe" button, as shown on the above screen shot, when making your payment.

Please contact us if you have any questions about PayPal Subscriptions.

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