Get Web Hosting and EMail Instructions resent to you

When you first signed up for Web Hosting service with, you would have received an email with the subject of " :: Web Hosting Instructions".  The Web Hosting and EMail Instructions email contains a variety of information and instructions, including:
  • Proper DNS (Nameservers) Settings.
  • FTP Username and Password, and File Uploading & Testing information
  • How to access cPanel, our Web Hosting and Email Control Panel.
  • E-Mail configuration, including POP3, IMAP, and SMTP settings, and Webmail access.
  • SiteBuilder access and information.
  • ... and much more.
How to get the Web Hosting and Email Instructions resent to you:
Unfortunately, there is currently no automated way to have the instructions resent to you. However, we would be glad to send you another copy of your instructions, if you have misplaced them. Simply contact us and ask for us to resend you the Web Hosting Instructions for your domain.

Are you trying to log into cPanel?
If you are wanting the instructions resent, just so you can get into cPanel, there is another way you can get logged into cPanel. 
  1. Log into our website at
  2. Click Hosting Services, then My Hosting Accounts.
  3. Click the Manage button next to the hosting account you are trying to access.
  4. On the LEFT side menu, you will see a link: "Login to cPanel" -- click this to log into cPanel.
This should take you right into your cPanel control panel.  If this does not work, please contact us for assistance.

Are you trying to change your cPanel password?
If you know your cPanel username but are having difficulty with the password, you can change it from within our website. Here's how:
  1. Log into our website at
  2. Click Hosting Services, then My Hosting Accounts.
  3. Click the Manage button next to the hosting account you are trying to access.
  4. On the LEFT side menu, you will see a link: "Change Password" -- click this to choose a new password
NOTE: This will ALSO change your primary password for all web hosting functions, including FTP, SSH, etc.  If this does not work, or you have any questions, please contact us for assistance.
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