How to Log into the cPanel control panel

There are two ways you can log into your cPanel web and email control panel:

A) Login Directly:

  • To access cPanel directly, simply go to (replace with your own domain name, of course).  
  • USERNAME will be a series of letters and numbers. It will NOT be an email address. It will NOT be the same login info as what you use to log into our Billing System at
  • If you do not know the Username and/or Password, see below:

B) Login via our Billing System:

You can access cPanel via our Billing System by following these steps. This method is especially useful if you do not know the cPanel username and/or password:

  1. Log into the Billing System at
  2. On the TOP menu, choose "Hosting Services" then Click "My Hosting Accounts".
  3. Click "Manage" next to the Hosting Account you wish to log into.  See Screen shot below:

    Manage Web hosting account

  4. Click the "Login to cPanel" link on the LEFT menu. See screen shot below:

    Log Into cPanel


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