Manage Additional Billing and Support Authorized Users

How to use the Contacts / Sub-Accounts feature

Manage and allow access to your billing & support account for other authorized users.

1) Log into your account on our billing & support portal at

2) On the top-right menu, click My Account, then Contacts/Sub-Accounts

contacts sub-accounts menu choice

3) To add a new contact, choose "Add New Contact" and fill out the form below it.  (If you already have additional contacts created, they will show in the drop down menu, where you can edit them)

contact subaccounts dropdown menu

4) Enter in the new contact's information (name, email, phone, etc.) -- do NOT click SAVE until you finish Steps 5 and 6, below.

5) Check the box "Activate Sub-Account" --  This will enable the contact to be able to login and have specific permissions. These permissions are described below.  Check the boxes for the permissions you wish to grant, and set a password for the user. Do NOT hit Save until you finish Step 6.

  • Modify Master Account Profile - Enables the contact to have the permissions to update the primary account holders contact information, credit card on file, ect.
  • View Products & Services - Enables the contact to view active and past products such as hosting packages and add-ons.
  • Perform Single Sign-On - Enables the contact to automatically login to any available service within the client area such as logging into a control panel for a specific cPanel or Windows based site.
  • Manage Domain Settings - Enables the contact to be able to view & change nameservers, WHOIS contact information, locking status, ect. for a domain.
  • View & Accept Quotes - Enables the contact to view any custom quotes provided to the account for new orders.
  • View & Manage Affiliate Account - Enables the contact to view and manage existing affiliate information ( such as affiliate balance ) and links to provide to potential customers.
  • Place New Orders/Upgrades/Cancellations - Enables the contact to create new orders such as hosting or add-ons, as well as upgrade existing services or perform a cancellation on an existing service if needed.
  • View & Manage Contacts - Enables the contact to view all existing contacts on the account and update their information if needed.
  • View & Modify Product Passwords - Enables the contact to update the password uses for services if the service has the option available.
  • View Domains - Allows the contact to view all the domains ( existing and previous domains ) on the account.
  • View & Pay Invoices - Enables the contact to view all current and past invoices on the account and perform payments on invoices if needed.
  • View & Open Support Tickets - Enables the contact to create support request such as account changes or upgrades that may be needed.
  • View Emails - Enables the contact to view any automated emails that the billing system has sent. This could be notifications related to invoices, suspension, password resets, ect.
  • New Password - The password that the new contact will use when logging into the client area.


6) Under the 'Email Preferences' section, you can select what email notifications the contact will receive:

email notification options

7) Click "Save Changes" to save this user's configuration.




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