Parked Domains

Most of our web hosting packages allow you to have multiple domain names. The additional domains can point to the SAME web site, or they can be completely SEPARATE web sites.

To point an additional domain to the same site as your primary domain name, go to your cPanel control panel (like and click on Parked Domains and add your new domain there.

To have a completely separate web site, go to the same cpanel mentioned above but click on Addon Domains and add it there. The directory (folder) you choose in this step will be the "home directory" for your new site. If the directory doesn't exist, it will be created during this step.

VERY IMPORTANT!! Make sure that the new domain name is pointing to the DNS servers. You MUST configure your domain to point to the DNS servers (this is not done by default). Depending on which web server you are on, those DNS servers will be some combination of,,, and/or See your web hosting instructions for the correct DNS servers.

If you registered your domain name at, you can easily verify the current DNS servers, and change them if necessary, via our Billing site. See this KB article for instructions on managing DNS servers for your domain.

Of course, you must first own the domain in question. So, if you don't already own the new domain name, you will have to come to and register it first. Once registered, set the domain name servers to the DNS servers (see above).

If you need any help with any of these steps, let us know.

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Add-on Domains

Parked Domains

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