Setup E-mail Forwarding

The process of setting up e-mail forwarding depends on whether you are using the free e-mail forwarding provided by our domain name service... or if you host your web site with or other provider. These instructions will assist you either way:

  1. Log in at
  2. Click Domain Services, then My Domain Names.
  3. Click the "wrench" icon next to the domain name.
  4. Click "Nameservers
    • If the nameservers are NOT set to servers ending with "", this means that you are hosting your e-mail somewhere else -- perhaps with's web and e-mail hosting, or perhaps with another provider. So, you will NOT use this site to modify your e-mail forwarding. Check with your web hosting provider for e-mail forwarding instructions. If you are paying for web hosting through, you can manage your e-mail by going into your web hosting cPanel Control Panel. If you do not remember how to log into your cPanel, see THIS article.
    • If the nameservers ARE set to servers ending with "", then you can click Email Forwarding on the left side menu, and create email forwarding addresses. If "Email Forwarding" is not showing on the left side menu, then please open a Customer Service (non Emergency) ticket in our Support Center.

As always, if you have questions or problems, please contact us.

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