My email account is hacked and spamming. Now what?

Given the right situation a spammer can sometimes figure out your email password and with that information, they can log into our server and, as an authenticated user, send many spams out through our server, using your email account. If this happens, will change your email password, and sometimes also change your cPanel password (just in case you had them set the same). Before your passwords are reset, you should try to determine how the spammer was able to get your password. Here are some possibilities:
  • Maybe your password was easy to guess. Make your next password something harder to guess but still easy for you to remember.

  • The email account may be on a phone or laptop or other mobile device that is not using SSL to encrypt your password when checking mail. This would allow the bad guys to view your password when you check mail using an open WiFi hot spot. You should change mobile devices to use SSL for incoming and outgoing email. Here are the SSL port numbers to use.

  • The computer used to check this email account may have Malware or a Trojan Horse on it, which may be capturing your usernames and passwords and sending them to the bad guys. We HIGHLY suggest installing and running the FREE version of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware software on any computer used to check this email account, to see if the machine is infected. It works best if you reboot your computer into SAFE MODE first, then run a FULL SCAN using this software to detect and remove any malware it finds.

  • The email account may have been using the same password as is being used on another website that may have been hacked. For example, was hacked and millions of passwords were stolen (check if your email was one of them HERE). There is a story on CNN about millions of Facebook, GMail and Twitter passwords being stolen. And about 145 million account passwords were stolen at eBay (story on If you had an account on any of these services and used the same password there as you did with your email account here, it could explain how your email was hacked. You should use DIFFERENT passwords instead of the same password for everything.

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