Softaculous - Backup to Google Drive

How To Back Up Applications Installed With Softaculous To Google Drive

If you have used the Softaculous Script Installer, in your cPanel control panel, to install an application (such as WordPress), then this article will be of use to you.  This article describes how to configure Softaculous to store site backups on Google Drive, a third-party file hosting service. By configuring Google Drive backups, you ensure that you have off-site backups of your Softaculous application data.

Before you can have Softaculous make a backup and store it in your Google Drive account, you must add the Google Drive backup location in Softaculous. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to cPanel.
  2. Click the Softaculous icon.
  3. In the icon list at the top right, click the WRENCH icon, which is the Edit Settings icon.
    Softaculous Settings Icon
  4. On this Settings page, click the Add Backup Location button.
  5. On the Add Backup Location page, it will ask for three things (see screen shot below)
    Location Name: This is just a label for your reference, so you can enter anything you wish, for example 'Backup to Google Drive'.
    Protocol: Choose 'Google Drive'.
    Backup Location: You can leave blank, or specify a destination directory for the backup in Google Drive. By default, Softaculous places backups in the Softaculous Auto Installer folder on Google Drive. If you want to store backups in a specific folder inside the Softaculous Auto Installer folder, type the name in this text box. For example, you could store WordPress backups in the /wordpress folder. Make sure you include the leading forward slash (/) in the folder name.
    Google Drive step 1
  6. After filling out the above form, click Add Backup Location.
    The Google login page opens in a separate window.
    On the Google login page, it may ask you to sign into Google, if you are not already signed in... or if you are signed in, it will ask you to confirm which Google account to use for your backups.
    Click ALLOW.
    After a few seconds, you should receive the Backup Location added successfully message.

Mission Accomplished!  Now when you need to make a backup of your site in Softaculous, you can choose Google Drive as the destination for your backups!

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