Spam Assassin Spam Filtering configuration

Our servers utilize a combination of tools to block most spam from reaching your inbox. However, you can also enhance your spam filtering by enabling SpamAssassin for your account.

This is done in your cPanel control panel, and clicking the SpamAssassin icon.

We recommend that you
  1. Enable SpamAssassin.
  2. Set the Spam Score to 6.0
  3. Then click the Auto Delete button
This combination of steps will configure our server to delete any spam sent to you that scores 6.0 or above (which is pretty spammy). If you wish to block more spam, you can lower the score, but this may also result in the blocking of legitimate mail, so please use caution. A score of 6.0 is considered fairly safe.

You can also use the SpamAssassin control panel to Whitelist and Blacklist email addresses (or whole domains).

In addition, if you use our mail server to send mail (i.e. use our server for SMTP), then our server automatically adds anyone you sent mail to, to the Whitelist.

IMPORTANT NOTE: SpamAssassin only works on Mailboxes (Email Accounts) on our server. It does not do anything if you are using Email Forwarding to forward your mail to another provider. In that case, you should be relying on the spam filtering of your own provider that you are forwarding mail to.

NOW AVAILABLE: Professional Spam Filtering from Spam Experts:
For just $0.99/mo (up to 10 mailboxes) or $1.99/mo (11+ mailboxes), we now offer a 3rd party spam filtering service called SpamExperts. This is a very robust spam filtering service, which can also send individual users and/or a manager a summary email each day with a list of held spam and allows the release any of those messages with one click. Whitelists and Blacklists are configurable.

See our SpamExperts page for full details.
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